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Whitening remineralizing tooth powder

Whitening remineralizing tooth powder

Our tooth powered has truly changed our oral health here on the farm. Made with all food grade ingredients calcium bentonite, sodium bicarbonate, organic coconut oil , organic Xylitol and food grade charcoal from coconuts.

The organic Xylitol we used is derived from non GMO corn cobs that would otherwise go to waste. Many companies use burch bark, for sustainability reasons we choose this non GMO corn version instead.

This powder will replace your toothpaste . You may also add a few drops of flavor oil/essential oil of your choice. To the container you add 2-4 tablespoon of distilled water making a paste the consistency you like OR you can dip a damp toothbrush into the powder. You will be shocked at the immediate cleaning power!

This formula is simple and it works. Melting the plague off your teeth , helping your enamel and even helping heal gums heal. Comes in a 4oz container.

** After being told for years I could not correct sensitivity or receding gum lines. I am so happy to report since making our formula . All that is gone! No sensitivity, no receding gums and my teeth are bright white! Don't take my word try it for yourself

We make no claims that this product will cure or treat any ailments.

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