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Set of 3 (13-16 inch) luffa sponges

Set of 3 (13-16 inch) luffa sponges

This box set will include 3 folded luffa sponges between 13&16inches long. Luffa sponges naturally grow from the matured fruit of the luffa gourd. Germination to harvest takes nearly 7 months of love and care. Much like anything made by nature our sponges may vary in girth ,length,shape ,texture and color. It's also possible you may find seeds or seed fragments suck inside. Our luffa are unprocessed and only dried by the sun..Typically cut into 3-4 inch sections turning 3 long sponges into 14 individual sponges! OR just over$2 per sponge! All organic , compostable and the most sustainable , environmentally friendly choice to bathing, cleaning and crafts. Inventory will be added as they are harvested from the vine. We hope you love our luffa as much as we do!



Packaging your sponges come in is also compostable. Please let us know if you have an allergy to Jute rope as we tie the sponges together with it. We will gladly find an alternative for your order!



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