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Rise and Grind

Rise and Grind

Rise and grind is made with sandlewood & clargy sage essential oils. The bottom of the bar is coffee with coffee grounds while the lighter top of the bar is beer and salt.


This bar has a light wonderfully masculine scent. We displayed this bar at our last even , many ppl described it as "sexy". Truly this bar is made for everyone to feel sexy!


Ingredients consist of lard ,olive oil raw Shea butter, grape seed oil and castor oil. While lye is used in the making of artisan cold process soaps it is completely saponified when you receive our soaps and cured to perfection.


This bar is exfoliating, creamy ,bubbly and hydrating!


All of our soaps are artisan made on our farm in small batches ,slight variation in colors can happen. However we never use artificial colors , fragrance,mica powder or palm oil. Bars range 4-4.5 oz each

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