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Nautical Nirvana

Nautical Nirvana

This bar is one of our vegan ,kosher and halal friendly soaps! Due to the amount of salt in the bar it is nearly impossible to cut , molds are used to create these amazing bars.

Ever go to the beach and just leave feeling a sense of relaxation and clarity. Partly that is due to the trace minerals found in sea salt.

This bar is PACKED full of coarse and fine sea salt for a soul and body experience. Made with organic coconut oil , olive oil and castor oil . This bar has NO essential oil as we want the sea salt and oils to speak for themselves. The salt gives a cooling affect to the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Sea salt has been used for thousands of years in medical uses and ceremonial practices. This bar harnesses the power of sea salt , it's creamy , exfoliating and bubbly ... Almost shaving creamy .

Bars are 6-6.5 oz each

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