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Clean Dish bar soap

Clean Dish bar soap

Our clean dish bar soap is made of coconut oil and a bit of castor oil. In high concentration coconut oil makes an amazing cleanser. We add a bit of castor to ensure your hands stay safe and soft while doing dishes. Cause doing dishes should also be like a spa day for your hands. This great for all types of hand washing including you loved cast iron or dish ware . Not ment for a machine ,only for hand washing. This hard bar is ment to last! While it bubbles great it seems to last forever.

This bar has citrus essential oils that can vary between batches from lemon , orange or a blend of them. Our artisan bar are handmade right here on our farm in small batches. There can be slight variations between batches . However we never use artificial colors, no artificial fragrance, no mica powder and no palm oil

Each bar weighs 4-4.5 oz each

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