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13-16 inch luffa WITH seeds

13-16 inch luffa WITH seeds

We are so excited to be offering whole unopened luffa. This is something we have never seen sold anywhere else before! Luffa typically have anywhere from 100-300 seeds per unit ( this may vary , you may get far more seeds)! Peeling a luffas husk is one of the most satifying things a person can do in this life time... Atleast we think so. Your luffa will be carefully wrapped , as at this stage they are fragile. Once you recieve your luffa you will break off the bottom and shake out the seeds. Then  just fill it with warm water and wait roughly 30 seconds. The husk will begin to soften and at that point you can peel the husk. Color and shape of your luffa may vary as these are made by nature not by man. The peel can be placed in your compost. 


If you try and peel the husk off while its dry you may fringe the luffa and distort the smooth texture , this is why we recomend to wet it first. From our homestead to your home , we hope you love our luffa as much as we do!

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