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Enchanted Acres

Since 2016

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From our skin care line to our luffa sponges & our seeds, our goal is an organic , sustainable products that we are proud of. More importantly a product our customers trust . We guarantee our skin care to never use artifical fragrance, no artificial colorants ,no mica powders and never palm oil.

 Luffa is the worlds most amazing plant. At least that's how we feel. It has a rich history in many different cultures from a food source to house hold products and even livestock feed.. We provide quality seeds from our farm grown luffa plants. These highly prolific plants will be the life of your garden as they are also great pollinators. 100% compostable , removing the need for plastic sponges that add to landfills. Luffa is strong enough to daily use on cast iron but are gentle enough for use on skin. 

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Luffa Seeds

Quality Products

We are extremely proud of our products. Safe for all skin types . We us only the best quality ingredients and organic growing methods. Every product we offer was grown, harvested, cut and packaged with our hands. we do not have big equipment or fancy machines. just hard work , drive and a vision for our farm business. Everything is carefully made in small batches or grown each season. Since we are humans and not machine , there can be small variations between batches or seasons.

Due to our small size. Orders will ship out 1X each week. Expect orders to filled and shipped on the Wednesday AFTER the order is placed. 

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About Us

Luffa lady of the San Antonio area 

Located in beautiful Floresville, Texas we strive to bring quality luffa  and skin care from our farm to your home since 2016. We are a family based company that believes our customers deserve the same quality that we expect for ourselves. We want you to feel the same freedom and pride in the products you put on yourself or loved one. To be able to grow your own organic, sustainable sponges  ( unfortunately, not all countries allow importing of luffa seeds). We offer only the highest quality , substantially grown , organic sponges and skin care . We are happy to announce 2024 growing season we will be adding 2 new varieties for availability! Stay tuned 

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About the Company

A family farm to us means freedom. It also means peace of mind ,not only for what goes in or on our bodies but for the impact we make on the earth. As a mother and wife constantly doing dishes , cleaning kids up and cooking I started to feel guilty about the amount of sponges and questioned the quality of products I was using.. With years of research and formulations, I have created a product and farm I am unbelievably proud of and want to share wth the world.  I made it my goal to encourage everyone to grow sustainably and to take control of what ingredients we were consuming daily. We are a small family farm,  working hard to provide our customers with the same quality product that we expect for our own family. From our farm to your home!



Interested in doing business with us? Our business hours are M-F: 9am-5pm. Get in touch with us today. We are a small family business so please allow 48 hours for an email response. Thank you for your support 

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